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This Hangar Door will fit your opening like it was part of the original design.

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Hangar Door Advantage

The Higher Power Hangar Door has revolutionized the hangar door one panel system. No more hassles with straps, cables, hinges or clogged up bottom rollers. We have a door that will fit your hangar opening like it was part of the original design. Our several thousand Higher Power Hangar Door customers won’t trust the security of their treasured aircraft building to anything else. We'll custom manufacture your hangar door in any size as large as 50' tall and 180' wide.

This innovative patented cam design increases your overall opening. It is the perfect alternative to any sliding, fabric, bifold, bottom roller door and can be easily installed by you or your contractor. We also have Professional installation assistance available and is backed by a 6-year warranty. If you're the do it yourself kind of person you can enjoy the simple easy-to-follow installation instructions with full factory support and a 5 year warrenty. No special tools needed to bolt it all together. Once installed, this hangar door system is virtually maintenance free.

We are the only manufacturer of the Higher Power Hydraulic Stand Alone Door in Benton Harbor, Michigan. We are becoming the #1 selling hydraulic door system of all time! Now, hangar door construction is more affordable than ever. This self-supported door does not rely on your building for its support. With only 6 1/2 inches of headroom loss there is no other door of its kind in the industry. We can build your door for any style of building, new or existing construction. Watch the video demonstration of our self supporting door and see for yourself how simple it is. Once you see it in action you will agree that it is the most innovative hangar door on the market today.

Don't spend your money for extra steel headers and supports! Unlike bi-fold or one-piece hydraulic doors, this patented design imposes NO Vertical or Horizontal loads on your structure. This complete self-supporting door attaches to its own framing and does not use hinges that wear out like other hangar doors.

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