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The Hangar Door that is Opening New Vistas...

Benefit of Hangar Doors

The Higher Power Hangar Door is the only self supporting hangar door on the market today. This door has revolutionized the hydraulic door one panel system. There are no cables, hinges or straps to deal with. It's true! The HP door is a complete self standing hydraulic hangar door package. Our patented cam system is the perfect answer when considering a door for your building project. This innovative patented cam design will fit your hangar opening like it was part of the original design. A simple framed open dimension is the only building detail you need for your door. Don't spend money on extra steel headers and supports that other hangar door manufacturers require. The Higher Power Door saves you money!

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...freestanding hydraulic door that requires no superstucture attached or built into your building. It's all self contained... Crzyivan13

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Patented Roller Cam

Roller glides through the cam, opening and closing the door faster than any door in the industry.

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Warranty Benefit

Simple, easy-to-follow installation instructions. The door bolts together without special tools. If you are a Do It Yourself kind of person you can enjoy full factory-support and 5-year warranty. Also, professional installation assistance is available from Higher Power Hydraulic Doors that is backed by 6-year warranty.

After installation this door is virtually maintenance free. It can be installed on any new or existing structure (adapts to pole barn wood frame with no additional header requirements). You can add optional windows or pass-through door in the style and size you want. Optional 12-volt back-up system and remote controls available.

Complete Hangar Door Solution

The Only Manufacturer of the Self Supporting Stand Alone Door.

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Self Supporting Door

All that is needed is a common open framed dimension.

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Video Gallery

These videos can help you see and understand more about our hydraulic door system.

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