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Free Standing and Self Supporting! No vertical or horizontal loads to stress your building.

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Smart Advantage Door Features

bulletDoes not load your building - Other doors require expensive building reinforcement, as much as $5,000 to $6,000. Our doors need only a common-framed opening.

bulletFast operation - Patent roller/cam door system makes the door the fastest in the industry, and it has a 3-point auto-lock safety system built into each side.

bulletDoor sizes - Custom designed to fit your opening, up to 188 feet wide and up to 40 feet high.

bulletSimple straight-up/down hydraulic operation - Works with a low power, low pressure, hydraulic two-cylinder system. The pistons push straight up so there are no horizontal stresses to bend the cylinders.

bulletHead room - The door opening loses nothing horizontally, but does require 6-1/2" of head room depending on door size.

bulletBolt-together construction - Because the door arrives as bolt-together parts, the shipping package is small, usually 2-1/2 feet wide by 2 feet high by the width of the door. Large doors come in bolt-together sections.

bulletStarts by moving straight up and unlocks automatically at the same time - When opening, the door moves straight up 4 to 6 inches. This breaks the door loose from snow and ice, and eliminates problems of frost-producing ground heave and unlocks the door automatically for you.

bulletEnergy-saving weather seals - Door has rubber weather seals on the top and bottom, and double seals on both sides.

bullet Wind loading - Normally 115 mph, but can be designed to meet your local codes.

bulletStiffening truss - Positioned mid-point on door to allow complete snow removal and easy access to pass-through door.

bulletElectrical power required - 240VAC single phase or 460VAC three phase, or 12 to 24-volt DC.

bulletWhat you get - Everything to make and operate your door except the outer skin and trim and the hydraulic oil. Shipping and installation assist are extra.

Hydraulic Door partially open for shade in the summer
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Galvanizing is available!
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Galvanizing is available!
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Head Room Clearance
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