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Free Standing and Self Supporting

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Stand Alone Advantage

One of the many questions that people ask... "Is this door really self supporting"? The answer is YES and we direct them to this video on our website. We've had comments saying that the video has been edited to make it appear self supporting. This video has NOT been edited to make it appear to be standing alone. Higher Power Door Columns hold 100% of the doors Vertical Weight, placing no vertical loads onto your Building. Horizontal Loads (Wind Loads) will need to be transferred into your Building.

Self Supporting Stand Alone Door This particular Higher Power Door is now part of an airplane hangar located at the Southwest Reginal Airport (KBEH) in Benton Harbor Michigan. This hangar door is so simple and requires nothing more than a common framed opening - saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Plus, we have made hangar door construction more affordable than ever. This self-supported hydraulic door doesn't rely on the building for structural support. It's a fact that Higher Power Door customers can build an aircraft hangar for less. Call one of our consultants today for a quote on the simplest and most design efficient hangar door system available.

Seamless in Design

bulletFree standing door with no building support.

bulletNo massive header or horizontal bracing required.

bulletDoor imposes no vertical load onto the building.

bulletOnly wind load is transferred to your building.

bulletSuitable for new, or existing structures.

bulletFor new or existing construction.

bulletRequires only 6-1/2 inches of headspace.

bulletSizes available up to 160ft wide and 65ft tall.

bulletInstallation-friendly to all types of structures.

bulletVertical cylinders maximize safety and efficiency.

bulletApproximately 1/3 of the door pushes back inside the building.

No hinges, straps, cables, pulleys, or slats!

This door will help support the hangar building!

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